10 Email Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

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small business email marketing tipsEmail marketing is a great way for small businesses to get in touch with their customer base without spending a lot of money. With this said, it’s not just some walk in the park ordeal. It takes a lot of concentration and commitment to carry out a successful email marketing campaign so you must be prepared because it is a big responsibility. Whether you are thinking about starting a company newsletter, a “deal of the week” or anything else of that nature, here are 10 helpful email marketing tips when it comes to small business marketing.

1. Make it easy to subscribe. Place sign-up forms wherever you already have customer activity. Some examples would be your homepage, blog or Facebook page. Stick to the basic information by just asking for their name and e-mail address. You may be scaring people away if you decide to put a million different fields on your sign-up form. At times it may be appropriate to ask for people’s birthdays in order to create a special offer or gift.

2. Tell them what they are getting. Whether you are sending your customers weekly discounts on your products or services, company newsletter or letter from the president, inform them when they are signing up so they know exactly what they are signing up for as well as how often they will be receiving these emails. This will help keep you keep your email list specific towards people within your target market.

3. Welcome them. Once you have placed relevant information on your sign-up form telling them what to expect, it is a good idea to send them a welcome email once they sign-up for your emails. This will serve as a friendly reminder why they signed up for your emails and is a great opportunity to send them a special offer or incentive.

4. Brand your newsletter. It is a huge turn off when a company sends you an email with a generic email that looks nothing like their brand. Most of these will be discarded as spam. Take the time to brand your newsletter by placing your company logo in the header as well as a template that fits the theme of your company. Hopefully your website already does this so if your newsletter is matching which gives the reader a feel of comfort right from the start.

5. Stay committed. If you go months and months without sending anything to your subscribers, the greater the chance will be that they either delete your next email or even worse, mark it as spam. A regular email marketing campaign requires commitment so utilize a publishing calendar and plan, design and write newsletters regularly.

6. Edit your content. I’m sure you have exchanged emails with someone who just doesn’t think twice about their grammar or spelling at all so you know how unprofessional it looks. This is a big deal when it comes to newsletters. There is a reason that even editors have editors. Revise your content multiple times before you send it because once you hit that send button there is no turning back.

7. Test your options. With all the different ways that people are viewing their emails these days you want to make sure that your newsletters display correctly across the board. You can simply email family, friends or colleagues with the different devices to see what needs tweaked and what works or you can utilize a testing program. Create a plain text version of all your emails to cover yourself even more.

8. Know your spam rules. There are many people out there that are sending spam and they don’t even know it. Do yourself a favor and read up on the current CAN SPAM Act to avoid any issues. Make sure you include a noticeable unsubscribe link within all your emails and make sure you remind them why they are receiving an email from you.

9. Be friendly and casual. Normally people are checking there emails over their lunch break or at the end of the day when they get home from work so they are most likely already in a relaxed and casual mood. Use a human voice by being natural instead of the overly formal or super professional tone. You should already have their first name from signing up so use that within your newsletter greeting to make it more personal.

10. Only send an email if you have something to say. There are way too many businesses out there that just send emails to send an email. This is not only wasting their customers time but their own time as well. Stay within your company’s goals and objectives when sending emails and only send them if they serve those goals and objectives by offering something useful. The content of your emails should be always be thought out before even attempting to start with email marketing.


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