28 Mind Blowing Mobile Marketing Stats for Small Businesses

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Small Business Mobile MarketingYou may not think your small business needs a mobile app right now but in reality, all small businesses, which make up to nearly 97% of the businesses in the US, need to get in touch with an app developer and prepare themselves for what is quickly becoming the norm and not the exception.  If you still aren’t convinced, take a look at the following 28 mobile marketing stats that will blow your mind and make you think otherwise…



1) 91 Percent of adults have a smartphone
2) 271 million adults in the US own a mobile device
3) 90 Percent of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes
4) 88 Percent of mobile users have used sites to get discounted deals
5) 16 Percent of the total worldwide web traffic comes from mobile devices
6) 75 Percent of mobile users use their device for shopping
7) 95 Percent of mobile users use devices for local search
8) 74 Percent of mobile users only wait 5 seconds before leaving a site
9) 50 Percent of travel or Restaurant mobile searches result in a purchase
10) 5x number of mobile devices in the world respect desktops
11) 70 Percent of mobile actions will take place within an hour
12) 33 Percent of mobile users prefer text messaging advertising
13) 72 Percent mobile advertising CTR on iOS Devices, 41 Percent on Android
14) 36 Percent of emails are opened on mobile devices
15) 40 Percent of clicks on mobile ads are accidental or fraudulent
16) Mobile Advertising in the US exceeded 20 Billion in 2012
17) 172 Billion were generated in mobile payments in 2012
18) 82 Percent of the smartphones in use are IOS or Android
19) 2013 is the year mobile phones are predicted to take over desktops
20) 25 Percent of mobile web users are mobile only in the US
21) 20.6 Billion is predicted to be generated in world wide mobile advertisements in 2016
22) 300,000+ mobile apps have been developed
23) 8 trillion text messages will be sent this year
24) 52 Percent of Americans have seen or heard of QR Codes
25) 42 Percent of all mobile phone owners in the US are smartphone owners
26) 99 Percent of smartphone owners use their mobile device to browse at least once daily
27) 46 Percent of consumers will not come back to a non-properly formatted mobile site
28) 74 Percent of smartphone owners use their mobile devices to check their email

Which of these mobile stats jump out at you the most?

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