3 Essential Principles to Successfully Jumpstart a Small Business Campaign

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business_race_head_startHave you ever had a great idea for a product that you know would be a winner but you never pursued the opportunity because you thought you were going to fail since you didn’t have the proper resources, or at least you thought you didn’t? I imagine most of us are nodding our heads right now so here are 3 principles that you didn’t know then but you will know in a few minutes in order to successfully construct and jumpstart your small business campaign.

Minimal Effort, Max Results. A simple but not often thought of tactic is to input the smallest amount of work in order to achieve a desired outcome. Key examples of this are an athlete in training and boiling water. You are probably wondering what the heck this has to do with launching your small business when in reality it has everything to do with it. For example, if you know how few reps you can do as an athlete and still benefit from the activity then you are not only saving hours of training but you are saving wear and tear on the athlete. Hopefully it’s becoming clearer how this can be incorporated into your business strategy. If not, let’s also take a look at boiling water since it is a more specific example. If you set the temperature to 212 degrees the water will boil faster since that is the optimum temperature. If you set the temperature higher because you are in a hurry, believe it or not, your water will take longer to boil. These two examples hopefully show you how you can easily waste valuable time and resources and then more importantly, how you can save valuable time and resources that can be used to concentrate on other tasks like a killer marketing campaign. The next two principles both relate and build off of this principle so pay attention and take notes.

Outsource and Automate. There are two steps that allow you to get desired results by delegating tasks and automating processes so the next principle concentrates on just that – outsource and automate. Again, this allows you to focus your energy on other tasks that will benefit your small business and/or product launch. There are a ton of different sources out there that allow you to outsource different tasks. One that has been deemed successful is the website Elance.com. Here you can find people to do anything from writing articles to building online stores. In reality, the sky is the limit so no matter what task you have that can be passed on to someone else is an incredible time saver and is also more affordable than most people think. When it comes to launching a product, these people are called Virtual Assistants, commonly referred to as VAs. When working on a start-up, VAs are absolutely essential and will save you countless hours when it comes to all the tedious but necessary task work that should be carried out when launching a small business.

Prepare Properly. These three principles are in no particular order. They are all equally important and they all contribute to one another in more ways than one. This brings us to our final point which is prepping for game day or a Friday night dinner menu. Athletes do it and chefs do it so small businesses should do it for their campaigns. Going back to the training of the athlete, they need to prep themselves for the big Monday night game. Week after week plays are studied and players are kept in shape so when it comes time for game day, they are ready to implement everything possibly needed to be successful. The same thing goes for chefs. Do you think they start prepping their meals on the weekend for a packed house, an hour before people are seated? These guys are prepping menus weeks in advance and then as many components of those meals as possible in advance so when it’s time for dinner they have to do minimal cooking and just heat the rest up and make it look pretty. Apply this to the launch of your small business by writing emails of all types a few days in advance or by compiling a few weeks of articles to post on your blog so all you have to do is point and click once the time comes. This concept has become critical to many people’s success by doing up to 90% of the work before actually starting the business or launching the product.

Although there are many tactics and maneuvers that need to be done within these concepts, if these 3 principles are the foundation of your campaign and you have an understanding of them before moving on, you will be successful.

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