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Meet 3 Small Business Owners and See Why They are Finally Revealing their Secret Methods that Routinely Generate Millions of Visitors a Month to their Sites and How You Can too… 

Meet Gary.

Gary was running an online home improvement store. He learned quickly that competition was everywhere and lots of big household company names owned all the important positions on Google.  

Could he compete as a small online store and get enough traffic to survive? Of course, he wasn’t looking to just ‘survive’ in business, he wanted to thrive selling all kinds of kitchen cabinets for people who wanted ready made solutions in the ‘do it yourself’ kitchen cabinetry business.

Gary tried every internet method available to him until he finally found the one angle every one seemed to miss. Yes, even the big boys who had much larger budgets and dominated the internet space for all the keywords he wanted.

Now, he is ready to share his secrets with you.

Why? Because he understands all too well the need for small businesses to try and compete in today’s sophisticated internet marketing world. Why not help others do the same? He learned there is an answer to higher profits by using local marketing techniques like…

-how to use press releases to laser target your traffic and bring you only the highest converting visitors to your website

-why using some of the free online advertising resources like Craigslist and Backpage can bring you more sales daily

-and, how to use free local listing services and directories to get you on the first page of google and (even in your front door)

Meet Susan.

Susan started an online membership site in the golf business. Talk about a competitive market! She was very passionate about her field, but found all the little pieces of the internet very overwhelming.

She was used to working in a building and hiring people who wrote press releases, articles, did web design, handled social media and marketing issues.

But, now, she was restricted by her own budget which just happened to operate off a ‘shoestring’ like many small businesses.

She called a few online marketing experts to find out how much it would cost to have them do all the search engine marketing and other things that could bring her site traffic. Once she picked herself off the floor after hearing the staggering costs, she realized she had to dig in and figure it all out herself.

Six years later and having built over 40 websites in very competitive niches, she stands strong in her unique approach to dominating search engine rankings with very simple techniques she has learned along the way.

She’s prepared to teach you…

-how to outsource some of these tasks to resident experts for pennies on the dollar and with ‘blow you away’ quality

-why you need social bookmarking, forum posting, backlinks and the best places to find the ones with the highest pr ranking

-how to set up free blogs and other social media profiles and pages that drive very serious traffic and get you noticed by customers (and google) almost overnight

Meet Mike

This guy is not your average traffic guru. Not by a long shot.

Is he also self taught? You better believe it.

He found the quickest way to get all the traffic your website can handle is far  more simple than most people would have you believe.

Then, why does everyone make it sound so difficult? Because, as he has learned, it is not so much in the technique, but in the creativity you use to draw traffic and looking in the places most people never consider.

 And, don’t worry, his traffic numbers do the talking. He is personally responsible for bringing in excess of 3 million visitors monthly to just one his sites. And, guess what, he totally dominates traffic for one of the most competitive, sought after markets – the diet and weight loss arena.

He is ready to teach you…

-how to look at targeted traffic in a completely new and refreshing way, regardless of the market you are in and the product or service that you sell

-why targeted traffic is the holy grail of marketing and how this alone can sustain you for years to come

-where the best free traffic (or super low cost, like pennies) sources are and how to tap into them


Learn How to Dominate the Search Engines

and Capture Targeted Traffic NOW…
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