Blog Marketing: How to Introduce Your Small Business to Bloggers

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Blog MarketingThere is a ton of potential when it comes to small business marketing with blogs but it’s not as easy as people think it will be when they first begin. There is a certain strategy and etiquette when trying to get backlinks from blogs as well as getting your small business featured in a blog. This brings up a very important piece when it comes to blog marketing. There is only one thing better than pitching to a blogger through a friendly introduction and that is actually making friends with the blogger yourself. If you can complete this step, you are well on your way to some successful marketing within the world of blogs.

You have to be conscious of how many times each and every blogger gets contacted each and every day by strangers who don’t really care about them at all. They just want their product or service to show up on a particular blog and that’s it. This is the number one reason why people don’t get published on blogs. You have to be genuine and you have to think about what’s best for the blogger first before thinking about yourself. Do the exact opposite of everyone else and see if you can do anything to help when introducing yourself with friendly conversation. You need to be their friend. Even if they don’t end up covering you, you have made a friend and who knows, maybe you can benefit from them in the future. If you you are involved in multiple small businesses, usually if you create a good friendship with a blogger that doesn’t end up carrying your first business, maybe they will ask to carry another one of your businesses.

When you do make that friendship and the blogger does show interest, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to carry out the act of publishing your small business on their blog. Your work is far from over at this point. When confirming the details you want to make sure you ask some specific questions that will maximize your companies reach to the bloggers following. If they have a huge following on certain social networks, be sure to ask them if it’s possible for them to post the blog there as well. Again, be genuine and as helpful as possible.

Some examples could be, “I follow you on Pinterest and noticed you have a million followers. I just pinned a new picture of our product. If I send you a link, would you mind repinning it?” or “We’ve found that Facebook is the #1 source of traffic to our business so far. Can you post the blog on your Facebook page the morning it goes live? Awesome! Also, I’m assuming you’ll tweet it also, right? That would be amazing!” Hopefully you get the point. You spent enough time getting your company featured so you mine as well be smart about it and reap all the benefits possible in order to maximize your reach.

Also, if you see a certain section that fits your small business or product better than others, make sure you point that out and make all the benefits for the blogger clear if they were to feature you on their blog. If you follow these blog marketing tips, you will be well on your way to getting the exposure you deserve.


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