How to Boost Organic Rankings, Branding and Reputation with Google Authorship

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Google+ AuthorshipOrganic rankings, branding and reputation are topics that all small businesses need to manage properly in order to have a successful online marketing experience. Reputation management is probably one topic that small businesses ignore more frequently than others when it is extremely important when it comes to branding and growing your company. Thanks to Google+, Google Authorship and this little gem of a WordPress plugin that we just discovered, you can boost all these topics and make your content more reputable than ever.

Say hello to Google Authorship, your new best friend when it comes to your original online content. All you have to do is sign-up here and then download the Social Author Bio WordPress plugin and you are well on your way to protecting your content by branding it across Google. This is assuming you already have a Google+ account. If not, setting one up should be the first thing you do.

The Social Author Bio simplifies the whole process by automatically including an author bio box with a profile photo and social sharing icons with all the pages and posts that you specify.

What does this all mean?

google-authorship-exampleIf you do all the steps that were just mentioned, you will have a profile photo, a byline that links to your Google+ profile, the number of Google+ circles you are in and a link that shows results for all your other original content that you have posted. Let’s check out the example to your left. Imagine if you your individual profile photo or company logo showed up next to every blog entry you posted not only on your personal blogs but others as well. You should be quickly realizing how this can strengthen you brand management while protecting your original content. With backlinks and easy access to your Google+ profile as well as to all your other most recent content postings with a click of a button, your organic rankings are being strengthened as well. If people like what you have to say it is now even easier to see what else you have written.


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