Create the Ultimate Conversion Page in 2-Steps

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The ultimate goal of creating successful small business marketing is to create a high conversion rate. If your company is not converting then it is not making money. There are a ton of different ways to create this high conversion rate that we all strive to achieve, one being a landing page, but many of us make it a lot harder than it really needs to be. Although there are many components to creating a successful landing page, some of the most successful ones concentrate on only the most important aspects so they don’t overwhelm their customers, which allows them to funnel them to where they need them.

To help share and explain these important components as well as discuss the overall 2-step process, we are going to refer to a Landing Page of the Week contest that took place last month. Since the people that ran the contest were so heavily involved with making conversion pages with LeadPages software at the time, they decided to pull 10 landing pages from LeadPages customers and the landing page that received the most comments would be the winner of a brand new iPad.

Here is the winner and here are a few of the major points why:unlimited-you-landing-page

  • 2-step video component
  • simple and straight to the point
  • color scheme from logo to background to clothing

You can view all the other contestants here. You will notice that there are a couple other landing pages that are 2-step squeeze pages as well but those and all the rest clearly have more content and do not direct the viewer as clearly as the winner has. If you scroll down through the comments of the contest page you will see that there is no other landing page with even close to as many comments as the winner received. This alone is a true testament to how well this simple 2-step process works because if people are commenting on it that means they were more compelled to proceed with the opt-in, which again is the ultimate goal when it comes to small business marketing.

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