Driving Traffic with Crowdfunding Platforms

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Drive Traffic with CrowdfundingIn the past, there have been many excuses thrown around when introducing a new product to the market. You designed a prototype, had it manufactured and then crossed your fingers that the world would be interested in what you had created. More times than none, you may have ended up with a nice collection of unsellable inventory.

Times have changed and there are now new options to save you time, money and to ultimately “test” a new product before you start the manufacturing, which eliminates a ton of risk. Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGogo allow you to do exactly this. You basically lay out an idea in hopes of people liking your product and in turn contribute to your funding. The worst case scenario is that no one likes your product but you were able to test it without investing much time or money. This is also the scenario that is seen the most due to the lack of planning and running a crowdfunding campaign.

If you want to raise a lot of money, you need to drive a lot of traffic to your project. If you want to drive a lot of traffic to your project, start by researching and planning.

Referral Sources. Start by giving your VA, you can read “3 Essential Principles to Successfully Jumpstart a Small Business Campaign” for more about Virtual Assistants, a list of crowdfunding projects similar to yours to look up the referrers in order to compile a list of the top referrers that they had in common. Almost without fail, the order of the referrers will look something like this regardless of the product:

  1. Facebook
  2. Direct Traffic (mostly via e-mail)
  3. Twitter
  4. Kickstarter/IndieGogo
  5. Blogs

Planning. Based on the data that is compiled, which again will most likely look like the top 5 listed above so you already have some of the work done for you, select goals that will effectively involve all of these referrers. Our suggestions would be the following:

  1. Get coverage on the right blogs
  2. Utilize your networks to create a buzz on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail

The ultimate goal, when utilizing crowdfunding platforms, is to get listed on the “popular projects” section so people browsing will check out and back your product idea. By driving traffic from the appropriate referral sources, you are only getting yourself closer to that goal. This will increase your following and ultimately increase your funding.

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