How to Increase Social Sharing with Landing Pages

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Social Media Small Business MarketingAre you trying to use Facebook and Twitter to market your small business or product and it’s just not working? When marketing a new small business, there are many of us who are probably doing or have already done one of two things if not both when it comes to marketing with social media:

1. You are asking for too many things at once (i.e. Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! E-mail your friends! Follow, follow, follow!). There is a ton of potential out there within social media but when not utilized properly, this often results in people doing nothing at all.

2. You only ask for one thing, which people almost always do, but then you miss out on other actions that their friends may have also done if asked the right way, which maximizes your exposure.

Meet Soma, a beautiful glass carafe with a 100% compostable water filter, who managed to raise $100k in funding in only 10 days with a Kickstarter campaign. During their campaign, they created 3 separate landing pages: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3. Each of these landing pages was built to maximize social sharing, with a concentration on Facebook. Videos where created in order to incentivize their readers which played a large part in their success. Think about when you are surfing the web. Are you more likely to click on something if there is something in it for you? Of course you are.

As you can see from the landing pages, they only asked for one thing at a time. This is a prime example of how to ask people to share your links the right way. This created a massive viral effect which is the ultimate goal when using social media for small business marketing online. When you get a lot of people sharing the same links on Facebook, these links get put in front of their friends as well as their friends, hence the phrase “viral marketing.” Without putting these landing pages in place and asking people the right way to share with simple step-by-step clicks with value, Soma would never have became the success that it is now.

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