The Million Dollar Sales Pitch Translated for Online Businesses

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Small Business Marketing Sales PitchA face-to-face sales pitch is a lot different than creating a sales pitch for your small business online or isn’t it? With a sales pitch that has been practiced for 15 years and has generated over a million dollars in sales, here are 9 key steps translated for your online business.

1. Stop Traffic. If this doesn’t occur, you will never be able to make a sale. At the beginning of your homepage, or if you are working with a landing page, the best way to stop people in their tracks is to offer something of value for visiting your site. You can simply include headlines that tease the curiosity of the reader, persuading them to click for further information.

2. Show your Credentials. How much better do you feel clicking on the check out button knowing that the kitchen cabinets you just bought have been used by both HGTV and the DIY Network on multiple occasions? Display all of your legitimate credentials where your prospects can see them whether it is a testimonial, “As Seen On” icon or any other endorsement that will grab your visitors attention.

3. Get to the Point. Don’t start going on and on about the details of your product right from the get go. Start by launching a video that shows your product in action. Once they are done watching the video, they are hungry for more information like the how’s and the why’s. This is where you nail down the fine details.

4. Bond with Humor. As a small business, give it a personality and use it to your advantage. One way to do this is by finding a common enemy and poking some fun at it. Just make sure this is within reason and on the lighthearted side. Make them smile!

5. Show the Dreadful Alternative. This can be incorporated with the previous step if done correctly. Go over how a competitor does things and how much better it would be if they were equipped with your product or service.

6. Provide “Social Proof.” Again, videos work magic when used within the proper settings. Provide a video of a customer using and/or talking about your product. This will get your future customer thinking, “man, this thing really works!”

7. Reveal “the Catch?” A great way to build trust with your audience is to point out a particular flaw or caveat to your product or service’s magic. It can be the smallest and most indirect flaw but this will alleviate any doubts that they had before.

8. Highlight Finale. Reinstate all the benefits of the product but listing them under or beside the check out button and then again with the final check out form. This will help solidify the deal if there are any lingering doubts.

9. Special Offer Pricing. Think of different ways you can create special offers with your pricing. Whether they get something free if they buy enough of something or a package deal of products or services that creates a savings if purchased individually. Whatever you decide on, make sure you don’t diminish the original value that you have just worked so hard to establish.

Check out this video which basically sums up these 9 key points but from a face-to-face standpoint. You will start to see how they relate from the beginning. When was the last time you witnessed a master salesman carry out a 4 minute sales pitch with a $5 product for 15 years and make over a million  dollars in sales?

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