Networking: How to Segment and Activate Your Existing Contacts

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Networking: How to Segment and Activate Your Existing ContactsDo you have thousands of contacts that have been built up over time that you want to use in your small business marketing efforts but you aren’t sure how? If you use this strategy that we are about to share with you then you will be maximizing a network that is readily available at anytime.

It may be tedious but keep it organized and it will be extremely effective. Start by taking the time to create segmented e-mail lists so you can then write e-mails to each group which allows you to personalize the e-mail, making it more attractive to your reader. Yes this takes some time and normally can’t be done by an assistant but it is well worth it. After exporting your addresses book to Excel, start deleting contacts that you know you won’t be sending an e-mail too. Once this is finished and you have narrowed it down to a solid list of e-mail addresses, it’s now time to place these contacts into segmented lists so that each contact gets the appropriate personalized e-mail. The following 3 lists are only a suggestion but are proven to be beneficial.

  1. Influencers – The best way to find your biggest influencers is by using Klout. By connecting to Klout with your Facebook or Twitter account it displays which of your friends are your influencers. Anyone with a score of 60 or above should be placed on this list. These people should be utilized to spread the word through Facebook and Twitter as soon as your small business marketing campaign is launched.
  2. In the Know Friends – Friends that are already aware of your small business or product and have an interest in backing you all the way. These people only want to help so their financial backgrounds and Klout scores are irrelevant.
  3. Acquaintances –These are people who you probably haven’t spoken to in a while which will probably create your largest list. They need to be made aware of your small business or product and be told why it is important and how they can benefit from it.

One great tool that makes life easier by keeping you organized and saving you time when it comes to writing e-mails is Boomerang, a Gmail plugin that allows you to schedule e-mails. This allows you to have them sent to your segmented groups the moment you launch your marketing campaign.

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