Pinterest Is Changing – Is Your Small Business Ready?

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Pinterest Small Business MarketingBeing one of the newest social media platforms to hit it big, Pinterest has grown to become a very effective way to market your small business. Part of the reason it has been so successful is the fact that the platform is based around pictures. What does this mean for small business marketing? Some ideas of what to pin include images of your product, photos of your workplace culture and employees, infographics, blog posts and resources, videos and customer testimonials. There is a lot of room here for creativity but these are just a few examples of the potential engagement you can have with their 4 million daily unique visitors. Social media in general will always be changing but Pinterest specifically, has just recently changed as well in hopes of establishing the greatest social media platform out there.

Design Changes. The images themselves have always expanded once they are clicked-on but before they were only 600 pixels wide and now they are 750 wide creating an even bigger statement.

Category Drop-Down Menu. You can find the category icon on the top left of the page next to the search box. Once clicked-on there is now a massive drop-down with 35+ categories.

Buttons. When you hovered over a pin before, a comment button would appear, allowing you to add a comment to a certain picture from the main page. Now when you hover over a pin only a pin it button and share button appear. This means that you have to open the pin and scroll down to the bottom of the page in order to add a comment. On this same page there is a direct link to the website of origin.

Related Pins. If you click on a pin, this would be the same page as mentioned before when leaving comments, you will now see related pins on the right-hand side of the page.

Settings Page. The settings page has been re-worked so you can specify and filter exactly what type of e-mails/notifications you get from Pinterest.

Features Removed. The following components have been permanently removed:

  • Hashtags are no longer searchable or linkable
  • You can no longer leave a link in your description or comment
  • You must embed images through Pinterest. If you have direct linked to a pin in the past that link is now broken.
  • Tweeting and Liking directly from Pinterest have been removed
  • Profile description has been lowered to 160 from the original 200 characters

Web Analytics. This is probably one of the best changes that has taken place for small businesses. If you haven’t already verified your business account you can do so by going to As a verified business on Pinterest you can utilize their new analytics in the following ways:

  • How many pins are generated from your site
  • Repins, impressions, reach and clicks for those pins
  • Number of pins and repins from unique users over time
  • You can filter this data by most recent, most repinned and most clicked. The pins are laid out in the same visual format as Pinterest’s feeds and category pages that everyone enjoys so much.

If you haven’t set up your small business on Pinterest or you have but don’t have a verified business account, it’s recommended to do so in order to take advantage of yet another successful social media platform, which has proven to benefit each and every type of small business when it comes to advertising and driving traffic to your site.


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