Real Estate Marketing: Outsmart Your Competitors

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Are you one of the close to half a million realtors in the United States? Has the decline of the housing industry over the past few years hit your business hard? Or are you maintaining your ground but want more? Do you want to increase sales, get more customers, and establish an online presence for your real estate business?

With millions of dollars of potential revenue each year are you capitalizing on all of those big bucks that you could? The information age has changed the way that business both small and large market today. Are you keeping up with the times?

When it comes to real estate timing can play a huge role in the success or failure of each real estate deal. In the big picture that translates into the success or failure of your business. With today’s crazy housing market it’s vital if you’re a realtor to be sure your advertising dollars are targeted strategically.

If you’ve overlooked or just plain ignored establishing an internet presence for your real estate business it’s time to think again before it’s too late.

Starting advertising on the internet can be economical and improve your revenue and grow your customer base in ways traditional advertising falls short.

Follow the next three easy tips to establish your online presence and keep your real estate business competitive during these turbulent times for any realtor.

Tip 1: Evaluate Your Plan

Take a look at your current marketing plan. (If you don’t have one take some time to make one now. Use Tip 2 to help.) Look closely for where you may be wasting valuable advertising dollars and eliminate them. Be sure to track where your clients come from so you can better evaluate every advertising dollar you spend.

Tip 2: Start Tweeting!

Whether you choose Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or your own blog it’s not as vital as selecting one to start establishing an online presence for your real estate business.

Explore what your competitors are using, check out each site if you’re not already familiar with them, and get started with the site you like the best.

Dedicate a few hours a week to upkeep of the site and watch your real estate business grow.

Tip 3: Turn Friends into Affiliates

While you may not necessarily have friends in businesses related to your real estate business everyone has to live somewhere and you are the perfect source for a home.

Let your friends and others in your local area know your site address on whichever of the above you choose. Ask them to hand out your cards or better yet display a link to your page (from the above sites) on their websites. Give them a percentage for everyone they refer.

Consider other businesses that may be related to real estate; movers, storage companies, relocation companies, Chamber of Commerce, local private schools and more.

Getting started with online advertising can be the most challenging part. Choose one of the sites in Tip 2 and just begin. You’ll soon establish yourself as one of the ‘go to’ realtors in your area.

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