Restaurant’s Discover Online Advertising Options

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There’s no doubt about it a restaurant can be one of the most challenging businesses to start and to keep open for the long haul. Restaurants close at an alarming rate, even more so in today’s turbulent economy.

According to the United States 2007 Economic Census report there were more than 220,000 full service restaurants operating with over $192 million dollars in sales. Are you getting all of the sales you want?

One of the best ways to keep your restaurant open is to develop lasting relationships with your current customer base as well as expand that customer base.

Social marketing is one of the most influential ways (along with great customer service) to keep happy customers not only coming back but recommending you to their friends and family.

Understanding Social Networking Sites for Marketing

If you know nothing about social marketing it pays to spend some time learning about this hot new online advertising tool. Social marketing is the use of an already established Internet site (think Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) to reach current and potential customers.

This social marketing makes it easier for small businesses to cater to their clients and develop a relationship with them. Most sites are free to set up accounts with, easy to use, and simple to upkeep.

If you don’t have the time or don’t know how to do this consider asking a college student or even knowledgeable high school student to either do it for you or teach you how. This is often an affordable option that really works well for all involved.

How to Use Social Networking Sites to Market Your Restaurant

Once you know a bit about social networking sites it’s time to get started. Establish a site or page for your restaurant, search on the same site for current customers or people you know and invite them to become fans of your restaurant or follow it on Twitter. Each site has their own lingo of how to be connected with others.

Ask your customers to sign up for your site via their email or just inform them of your new Facebook or Twitter site. Tell them to visit and join for coupons, discounts, and to get the latest news.

Use your site to advertise daily specials (planned and last minute,) offer discount coupons, announce events, and more. This is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your client base. If there’s a special playoff game in your area for the local professional sports team or college team have a special for it.

If there’s unusual weather or a special event use your social networking site to draw in customers with specials related to that event.

Social networks make it easy and informal to keep in touch with your customers without becoming bothersome for you or annoying your customers.

Keep your site up on a weekly or even daily basis and watch your revenue grow. Be sure to ask clients what brought them in to your restaurant and track the places where your advertising is working the best.

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