Twitter’s Advanced Advertising Options Are Now Available to Small Businesses

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Twitter AdvertisingAre you interested in target marketing with one of the largest social media platforms? Until recently, this type of advertising has only been available to the big brand names and many of us probably weren’t even aware of that. By using Twitter’s advanced advertising interface, these big brand names have been able to target their audience for quite some time but now this same advanced interface is available to all small Twitter advertisers which could be an extremely effective tool when it comes to small business marketing, especially local marketing.

If you are already a small Twitter advertiser, you will have probably already seen the option to “Switch to Advanced” at the top of your dashboard the last time you logged on. Although Twitter warns you that this is a permanent switch and you can’t change back to the basic advertisement dashboard here are some of the perks you get:

  • “users with the same interests as followers of @usernames”
  • based on “a wide-ranging list of over 350 interest categories”
  • based on specific devices and platforms
  • by gender

Twitter Target Marketing

With the pricing and bids being the same there really is no reason not to switch to Advanced and if you aren’t already utilizing Twitter advertising for your small business, now is the time to start. The analytics and all the self-serve options might be more than what some people need but it’s great that these powerful options are in place for people to utilize when it comes to small business marketing, especially target marketing.

If your industry has a large presence on Twitter, you utilize the reporting and extra analystics to tweak your other options appropriately, this could serve as an extremely effective advertising tool.

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